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If you feel worried about getting essential dental work done, or if you know your procedure will take a long time, sedation dentistry can help you relax and sit still during your treatment. At Canyon Dental Group in Tucson, Arizona, Karen Randall, DMD, and her team offer several options for sedation dentistry. To choose the right form of sedation for your next procedure, call the practice or book an appointment online today.

Sedation Dentistry Q&A

What are my options for sedation dentistry?

Dr. Randall provides several options for sedation and helps you choose one that makes you feel confident about your upcoming procedure. Your options include:

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Nitrous oxide isn’t a painkiller. It makes you feel very relaxed and peaceful. Furthermore, it wears off quickly so you can jump right back into your daily routine when you leave the office. Dr. Randall might also give you local anesthesia for pain relief during a procedure with laughing gas.

Intravenous (IV) sedation

IV sedation is a bit more intense than laughing gas. Dr. Randall gives you medications through an IV drip that puts you into a state of deep relaxation. The effects wear off somewhat quickly, but you should be prepared to have someone drive you home from the office to be safe.

Deep sedation

Deep sedation, also called sleep dentistry, puts you to sleep entirely during your dental procedure. Dr. Randall recommends this option for extensive dental work like smile makeovers. She monitors you for some time as the effects wear off after the procedure. You’ll need someone to drive you home, and you’ll likely feel sluggish or fatigued for the rest of the day.

When can I use sedation for my dental work?

Sedation is available for nearly any dental procedure. Dr. Randall works with you to review your options for sedation and choose the most fitting type for the procedure you need. You should consider sedation if:

  • Going to the dentist makes you anxious or afraid
  • You have trouble sitting still for a long time
  • You have a low pain threshold
  • Your procedure causes pain

Even children can benefit from sedation dentistry. Dr. Randall often recommends laughing gas for anxious or restless children because the effects are mild and short-lived.

To explore your sedation dentistry options for your next dental procedure, call Canyon Dental Group or book an appointment online today.