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Every year, over 500,000 people get dental implants to support realistic-looking restorations like crowns and dentures. At Canyon Dental Group in Tucson, Arizona, Karen Randall, DMD, and her team place your implants safely before designing and attaching functional restorations. To find out if you’re a candidate for implant surgery and implant restoration, call Canyon Dental Group or book an appointment online today.

Implant Restoration Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that Dr. Randall fits into your jawbone with a simple surgical procedure. They’re designed to function like tooth roots and support restorative devices like crowns and dentures.

During dental implant placement surgery, Dr. Randall makes an incision in your gums. She screws the dental implant into place before closing the incision with sutures.

Over the course of a few months, your jawbone bonds with the titanium implant. Titanium is biocompatible, so it won’t cause an infection. Because of this process, the implant is incredibly sturdy and provides a strong base for your restoration.

What is implant restoration?

Implant restoration refers to the process of attaching crowns or a set of dentures to your dental implants. Whether you need implant surgery or you already have an implant with nothing over it, Dr. Randall can recreate your perfect smile with a custom restorative device.

Once the abutment is attached to your implant, Dr. Randall uses advanced scanning technology to create your custom crown. The crown looks and functions just like a natural tooth and covers the implant so you don’t have a gap in your smile.

Dr. Randall secures the crown to the abutment of the implant, where it stays permanently or until you request a new one due to wear and tear.

If you’re getting implant-supported dentures, such as All-on-4®, you need four dental implants across your jawbone to support a custom set of dentures.

All-on-4 allows you to have a complete set of teeth that feel more comfortable and are more functional than regular dentures without implant support.

How should I care for my implants and their restorations?

Caring for implants and implant restorations is fairly simple. While restorations like crowns and dentures can’t get cavities of their own, you should still keep them clean and thoroughly brush your remaining healthy teeth.

It’s important to keep your mouth free from gum disease, which can develop and spread to weaken your jawbone and compromise your implants.

Because dental implants are so durable and sturdy, you don’t have to worry about them loosening or falling out. You can continue leading an active lifestyle and eating the foods you love.

To avoid breaking your crown or denture, you should avoid using your teeth like scissors or biting into solid objects like fruit pits or hard candies.

For more information about implants and implant restorations, call Canyon Dental Group or book your appointment online today.