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A weak, damaged, or unattractive tooth can stay in your mouth without affecting your eating abilities or ruining your appearance. With custom dental crowns by Karen Randall, DMD, at Canyon Dental Group in Tucson, Arizona, you can cover a weak tooth, an unattractive tooth, or a dental implant. For more information about dental crowns, call Canyon Dental Group or book an appointment online today.

Dental Crowns Q&A

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns, also called caps, fit snugly over your teeth or over the abutment attachment of a dental implant. Crowns are designed to look nearly identical to the natural teeth they replace or cover. Dr. Randall cements them into place so they’re sturdy, durable, and semi-permanent.

Dr. Randall and her team offer crowns made of zirconia, a biocompatible metal related to titanium. Despite being a type of metal, zirconia crowns are classified as a variety of ceramic crown.

If your crown restores a tooth near the front of your mouth, she might recommend a zirconia crown with a porcelain shell to make it look more natural. Zirconia is similar in color to your natural teeth, but it’s a little more opaque. A porcelain covering helps a zirconia crown look more natural up close.

When making your crown, Dr. Randall uses scanning technology instead of traditional impressions. She scans your tooth after cutting it down in size to prepare it for the crown.

It takes about two weeks to make the crowns, so she gives you a temporary crown to wear over your prepared tooth until your permanent crown is ready.

Do I need a dental crown?

Dental crowns serve several different purposes. You can get a crown to protect a weak tooth, cover a dental implant, or secure a dental bridge. Dr. Randall might recommend a crown to:

  • Restore a broken tooth
  • Hold a cracked tooth together
  • Support a dental filling
  • Protect a tooth weakened by decay
  • Cover a heavily discolored or otherwise unattractive tooth

Dr. Randall makes sure your crown doesn’t stand out or look abnormal in your mouth in any way. Zirconia is stain-resistant, so you can continue eating and drinking the pigmented foods you enjoy without worrying about your crown absorbing the color.

What should I expect after getting a crown?

After Dr. Randall removes some enamel to prepare your tooth for the crown, the tooth is a bit more sensitive than usual. Wearing the temporary crown helps protect your tooth from pain and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

Dr. Randall gives you anesthesia as she prepares your tooth from a crown, but you might feel some discomfort as the effects wear off. Over-the-counter pain medication can help you manage the discomfort just after your procedure.

After Dr. Randall places your permanent crown, you can eat and speak as you would normally. Zirconia crowns are very strong, so you don’t need to eat a softer diet or cut out your favorite foods.

However, you should still be careful about biting into solid objects like popcorn seeds and jawbreaker candies because they can damage the crown, especially if it has a porcelain covering.

To find out if a custom dental crown is a necessary part of your treatment, call Canyon Dental Group or book an appointment online today.